Monday, March 3, 2014

Recruit a Teacher: Get $200 Cash!

You love your teacher!  You wish every kid were lucky enough to have a Let's Play Music teacher in the neighborhood.  Be a hero and refer the NEXT NEW LETS PLAY MUSIC TEACHER. This deal has NO DEADLINE!

We Prize Your Referral! Get $200!
When a new teacher, referred by you, attends training, you get $50! When she recruits her first 14 students that year, you get a $150 bonus!   


And here's a real win-win: Our first two interview sessions include a $200 earlybird discount. If your friend is paid and registered before NOVEMBER 18 they can capitalize on these savings!

Who are we looking for?
You've seen your teacher in action: she can be fun-loving and caring to a group of children, yet professional and organized, too.  She's musically trained, sings with a pleasant voice, and is confident in front of the group.  What a superhero!  If this sounds like someone you know, email them right away and make sure they know about the benefits of Let's Play Music.  If that sounds like a tall order, consider that your friends and neighbors may have hidden talents- you won't know about them unless you ask!


Find the next teacher:
Potential new teachers are lurking all about your neighborhood (a friendly type of lurking.)  You won't know for sure she's interested in running a business or teaching group classes unless you share the idea! Tell these folks about LPM and find out if it's just the experience they've been waiting for!

New Teacher's Tales:

Mary, in Fort Collins, CO, loved taking her young children to a music and movement class with the exuberant Emily Baldwin.  Meanwhile she was driving 25 minutes each way to take her older child to Let's Play Music.  Mary couldn't guess at Emily's aspirations, but she took a chance to say, "Have you heard about Let's Play Music?  It seems like something you might be interested in."  To Emily's joy, LPM was the perfect next step for her, and she quickly built a thriving LPM business!  Mary was delighted to finally have LPM close to her home, and Emily was thrilled that Mary had taken the chance to speak up!

Emily's business grew so well, she wished for another teacher in Fort Collins.  She discovered that one of her student's mom, Aimee Latzke, had a Master's degree in music!  Although Aimee had 3 little children and seemed like a busy mom who might not be interested in taking more on, Emily took a chance and said, "You seem like you'd be a fabulous teacher! At least check out how easy it would be to get classes going."  Aimee looked at the business plan and corporate support and realized it WOULD work perfectly for her young family, so she, too, quickly built up a thriving studio.

Over in Windsor, CO, Linda's excited friend showed all the moms at playgroup the online demo video for Let's Play Music.  Linda loved what she saw! She immediately signed her kids up with the only teacher in town.  She was so excited, herself, she told her kid's choir director, Robin Flores all about the wonderful skills taught in Let's Play Music.  "There's only one teacher in town, and her classes are full!  YOU seem like the type to teach Let's Play Music, and then your 3 kids could be in classes." Robin checked it out, signed up, and never looked back.

A bit West in the isolated Vernal, UT, Stephanie Hardin was chatting with her neighbors.  They had an adult daughter teaching Let's Play Music, and loving how it enriched their lives.  They knew Stephanie homeschooled her children, and clearly loved being with children.  "You might love teaching Let's Play Music to children- you should look into it. The children of this town could sure use it," they told her.  She did, and was thrilled to find how perfectly the program would bless her children, and the children of her town.  She is supremely grateful for the neighbor's kind words, without which Stephanie would never have heard of Let's Play Music!

Not far away, Carey Twitchell went to visit to her sister's family, and had an unexpected surprise.  "Aunt Carey!  Watch us perform a puppet show for you!" the nieces exclaimed.  Carey immediately saw the power and creativity of Let's Play Music, and pressed her sister for more. "I wish you had told me sooner what your kids were up to!  I need to get this program for my children, too! Right now!"  Carey fell in love with LPM and became a brilliant teacher in no time, to the delight of everyone at home in Harriman, UT.

Nearby in Salt Lake City, UT, a group of singers finished up a delightful gig.  Liz Murdock turned to another performer, Diana Glissmeyer"If you're looking for a way to use your music skills when we're not performing, check out Let's Play Music.  It's brilliant.  It would be a good addition to the voice lessons you teach."  Diana's extensive music training and BA in Music helped her critique the program and quickly discover the impact and power behind the teaching methods.  She attended training and started a thriving studio, always grateful that her pal, Liz, had taken a moment to suggest Let's Play Music.

See how easy it could be to spark the interest of the next great teacher?  Share your love of Let's Play Music, and we'll pay you $200 cash!

- Gina Weibel, M.S.
Let's Play Music Teacher

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