Monday, November 9, 2015

Recruit A Sound Beginnings Teacher! Earn $100

You love your Sound Beginnings teacher!  You wish every kid were lucky enough to have a teacher in the neighborhood.  Be a hero and refer the NEXT NEW SOUND BEGINNINGS TEACHER. This deal has NO DEADLINE!

We Will Reward Your Referral! Get $100!

When a new Sound Beginnings teacher, referred by you, attends training, you get $50! When she recruits her first 12 families in the fall semester, you get a $50 additional bonus!!! 


To REFER A Sound Beginnings Teacher CLICK HERE!

Who are we looking for?
You've seen your teacher in action: she can be fun-loving and caring to a group of children, yet professional and organized, too.  She's musically trained, sings with a pleasant voice, and is confident in front of the group.  What a superhero!  If this sounds like someone you know, email them right away and make sure they know about the benefits of Sound Beginnings.  If that sounds like a tall order, consider that your friends and neighbors may have hidden talents- you won't know about them unless you ask!


Find the next teacher:
Potential new teachers are lurking all about your neighborhood (a friendly type of lurking.)  You won't know for sure she's interested in running a business or teaching group classes unless you share the idea! Tell these folks about Sound Beginnings and find out if it's just the experience they've been waiting for!
  • Friendly music or piano teachers
  • Fun moms
  • Fun music teacher at church or preschool
  • A performing musician
  • A leader from scouts, sports, or school  
    • If she loves children...
    • And loves music....
She could be the next great SB teacher in your area!  

See how easy it could be to spark the interest of the next great teacher?  Share your love of Let's Play Music, and we'll pay you $cash$!

- Gina Weibel, M.S.
Let's Play Music Teacher

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