Thursday, June 16, 2016

2016 Composition Contest Winners!

Let's Play Music studios have wrapped up with annual recitals, and for all of our third-year students, that meant a chance to play their very own compositions!

Students from across the continent had the opportunity to show just how far they've progressed as musicians by composing an original piece of music for piano and entering our 2016 Composition Contest.

We had many fabulous entries and want to share with you our eight fantastic winners, announced a few days ago at our 2016 Symposium.

Best Use of ABA Form: Monster Trucks by Thomas
Teacher: Marnie Christensen

Most Original: The Skiers by Colton.
Teacher: Karri Mickelson
Colton says, "My song makes me feel like I want to go skiing. When you listen, you can hear people going up and down the hills, and people falling." Sounds like a perfect ski adventure!

Best Use of Chords: The Rattle Runner by Jack.
Teacher: Alicia Dansie  
Jack says, "I love to learn about animals, and there are two animals in this one. When you listen, you'll hear the hiker, the rattlesnake, and the roadrunner." Take a listen to the lively adventure they share.

Chords, Honorable Mention: Quickest Racers by Kathryn 
Teacher: Annah Clark
Kathryn describes her piece as magical. Take a listen and you'll hear why!

Chords, Honorable Mention: Keepers of the Sea by Cannon
Teacher: Chandra Schmitt 
Did you know that dolphins can save people from sharks? Enjoy this lively musical saga that illustrates just such a tale!

Best Melody: I'm The King of Everything by Ethan
Teacher: Janalee Fish
Take a listen and you'll agree, he's king of keyboard and vocals!

Melody, Honorable Mention: Egyptian Desert by Abigail
Teacher: Nicci Lovell 
Enjoy being transported across the world to Egypt when you hear this piece!


BEST Composition, OVERALL: Ballerina Dancer by Julia
Teacher: Lily Hight
Julia says, "In the B section, you can hear the ballerina spinning around."


Nicely done, everyone! We love hearing ALL  of the third-year compositions, and hope you'll keep writing new songs every year for years to come! 

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  1. Oh My Goodness. I love all of these so much! Well done everyone. I'm excited for my students to listen to these and get inspired!