Monday, January 8, 2018

Thinking of Joining?

So, you're thinking of joining Let's Play Music or Sound Beginnings class! Hooray! 

We've put together a list of articles from the blog that will be especially interesting to you as you figure out what we're all about and as you decide if this class is right for your family. Enjoy reading and please leave comments or questions!

First: Enjoy our video overview: this is Let's Play Music!

If you know you want your child to learn piano, you may be asking which is better: Private Lessons or Let's Play Music? Read this article to get the low down on what makes these two styles different.

For readers with a child who is 3-5, wondering "why should we even bother with  music lessons now...isn't he too young?" Please read my post on the pros and cons of getting an early start (in an age-appropriate program).  

How much do music lessons cost? Diving into a new program brings new financial commitments. Read this post to learn some tips for making sure your money is spent in ways that bring the most joy to your family, and get some insight about how much you can expect to spend on early music lessons.

Read Are Music Lessons Holding Me Back? to address the worrisome problem that some adults experience: they took lessons as a kid, learned to read and play a bit, but still came out after years of work believing that they don't really know anything about music. Help your child do it right this time.

How Let's Play Music teach note reading?  In a very natural and nurturing way:  
Read our 7 Steps for Music Reading Success here

Read our post to see that we help little fingers develop strength and form in a progressive way.  We will help your kiddo start to develop good piano skills, but be aware that Let's Play Music is not specifically a piano program.  

PLAY is one of the Core Values at Let's Play Music. 
Read the postWe Value Play for four four big reasons play is critical for learning, and how we use play in our curriculum.

Research shows that group classes are a big part of creating a playful atmosphere where learning through trials can happen. Read our post to understand why, at this age, children learn best in groups. 

Another core value at Let's Play Music is: We Value RelationshipsRead the full article to see how classes are built to encourage bonding between parents and children through an enriching, wholesome, and fun experience.  

We hope you are excited to join our Let's Play Music and Sound Beginnings family. Find a teacher near you today!

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