Monday, January 8, 2018

Classical Music and Composition Articles


2017 Composition Contest Winners show off their amazing skills in this post. We're delighted what 3 short years of musicianship classes can lead to. See 2017 here.

View the 2016 Composition Contest Winners here.
View the 2015 Composition Contest Winners here.
View the 2014 Composition Contest Winners here
View the 2013 Composition Contest Winners here.
Read the 2012 Contest Winners List here.

Learn about the roles of each bee character in Spring Bees, a puppet show starring Vivaldi. Read the post here.

Grab your lasso and your bucking' bronco for a Hoedown with an Aaron Copland puppet show. We've got extension info here.
Learn a bit about Johann Strauss II and the real story behind the music for our skater's waltz puppet show. Read the story here.

Don't get too scared! Our Monsters puppets show uses dramatic music by Prokofiev. It's tricky to keep two themes running simultaneously, but you can learn how in this post.

Chords are a foundation for understanding music, composition, and improvisation. This classic song demonstrates what you can do with just one chord- check out some of the ways we use Paint to explore chords and inversions at many levels, in this post.

Discover the pentatonic scale and why it's such a great teaching tool for musicians. You'll be surprised to find out how this scale is popular around the entire world! Read more here

Variation is an important element to composition. See how we use Twinkle Twinkle to help teach this idea. Read more here.

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