Monday, January 8, 2018

Note Reading and Music Theory Articles

Check out these articles on MUSIC THEORY and NOTE READING:

Seven steps for note reading success: See how we nurture note reading in a way that builds musical fluency in this post.

Keyboard geography is essential for identifying those white keys. Alphabet pieces can be used in a variety of games to practice and learn the keys. Start having fun here.

Alphabet Gems are a crafty way for you make your pieces pretty and tangible. Learn how here.

When is the right time to use flashcards to drill reading skills and note skills? The answer might surprise you! Read the post here to find out and make some fun progress at note reading mastery.

Reading and playing is a mental process, so here are some tips, games, and tiny flashcards to help you master note reading at the piano. Read more here.

Do you get worried when your pianist isn't looking at the music? She's playing by ear.... is that bad? Read this article to learn when and how to guide note reading.  Read more here.

Our culminating semester of Let's Play Music is called Orange Roots- it's all about the culmination of musicianship after laying 2.5 years of roots that cover all aspects of musicianship. It's also about how playing with chords and chord roots provides a foundation for composition and improvisation. Check it out here.

Playing chords in different styles is one of the secret superpowers held by musicians. Our students learn chord styles and change them up with some classic songs. Check it out here.

Memorization helps you get ready for your recital AND has loads of brain-boosting benefits. Here are tips to help you memorize painlessly and keep those songs in the bank forever! Read more here.

Make a major scale ANYWHERE on the keyboard using your ear and following a pattern of tones and semitones (Whole, Whole, Half, Whole, Whole, Whole, Half.) Read more here.

Make a major scale artwork to display in your home, starring YOUR CHILD. SO CUTE. Read more here.

Our 'Magic Keys' song is packed with music theory. In this post we'll lay out everything you heard in the song. Read more here.

Now you know EVERYTHING you need to find ANY key signature! Find out how here.

CEG is the C triad or C chord. Is it Red, Yellow, or Blue?  The answer is... it can be any of them!   Read more here.

How do you determine which chord it is? You need to know about SCALE DEGREES. Read more here.

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