Monday, January 8, 2018

DIY Major Scale Mural

A Majorly Cute Scale

Here's a DIY to create a scale you can proudly display at home.  Have your child pose for 8 photos. In each photo, she'll sing ONE of the solfege and show the hand signs.  Print out the photos.

OPTION 1: Create a poster or chart with staff lines, and mount the cute photos going up, up, up.  Hang the chart in your child's room so they can practice solfege anytime!  Show me your charts- I want to see what you create :)

OPTION 2: Frame each photo in a cute frame and hang them in a vertical arrangement (have a tall, skinny wall space to fill?). Everyone who comes to your home will see your brilliant child showing off her solfege!  Here's a site that can teach you to make fabulous ribbon-hung vertical frames.

Show me what you make! I want to see some MAJORLY cute scales :)
-Gina Weibel MS
Let's Play Music Teacher

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