Monday, January 14, 2013

Practice Tip: Location

Happy New Year!

With the start of the new semester and getting schedules back into motion, we at Let's Play Music decided to post a practice tip to help you get back into the swing of things.

 "Location, location, location!" 

We hear this phrase often, but did you know that it can apply to practicing as well? Where you have placed your piano/keyboard may have a large impact on your child's desire to practice. 

Think about where your keyboard is located. If you have it placed down in the dark, cold basement, do you think that your child will be eager to go practice? It may feel like he is being banished to the abyss and therefore the session may feel a drudgery. Or if the keyboard is tucked away in the closet and has to be taken out for each practice session, there won't be the ability to spontaneously play throughout the day. However, if your keyboard is located in a prominent place in your home, you will be surprised to see your child walk by and plink out part of the new song, or serenade you with his favorite tune simply because it was convenient.

The fact that there are people around to listen is a bonus too. When a keyboard is in a prominent place, you will be able to hear your child play throughout the day and your child will be able to hear you dole out the compliments any time he sits down to play. 

By evaluating your keyboard location, you just may bring a heightened motivation to practice in your little ones. Keep that keyboard in an active room where your child can be seen and heard and you may be hearing "Turkey in the Straw" every time your child walks by. That is a good thing... right? Of course!

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