Thursday, February 21, 2013

Winner: Practice Tips Video Contest!

Thank you to those who submitted a video for the contest, we

received so many excellent ideas and can't wait to share them all each

month right here on the Making Musicians blog!

The winner of the random drawing for the Practice Tip Video Contest is

Amy Brinton of Madison, WI! Congratulations, you have

received a month of free tuition!

Check out her video and see if this fun idea might help your child during practice sessions:


  1. Cute! Thanks for the time tip, and for sharing your fun game. We'll be doing that for sure!

  2. Cute idea! I may even use with with my piano students who are STILL trying to learn their intervals. Thanks for sharing!

  3. darling is that! What a fun way to cement those tricky intervals. Kids love to play and at home practice should be just as fun as class. The car idea was a great game to make the student feel like he was having fun. :)