Friday, July 5, 2013

JoyTunes: ipad game reinforces piano playing

If your child is techno-savvy and loves playing games on the iPad then you will love that JoyTunes has partnered with Let's Play Music to provide a FUN new way to practice! 

At the core of both Let's Play Music anJoyTunes lies the belief that learning music needs to be FUN. JoyTunes transforms musical skills into engaging and fun experiences – games activated by playing your actual acoustic piano (or keyboard). The piano app, "Piano Dust Buster", encourages kids to engage with music and practice, while using the app on a real piano/keyboard (no wires or adapters needed)! 

A Let's Play Music song pack has been added to the app for your child to enjoy some of our favorite songs from the Let's Play Music curriculum. With this app as a fun new twist on practicing, your child will be eager to get on the piano this summer and you will be thrilled to hear the beautiful melodies ringing out as they do!

To get the app, search "Piano Dust Buster" in the app store. Then come back and comment on which song is your child's favorite!


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    1. Thanks for visiting us. We post to our blog weekly with tips and news related to music classes and tips.

      If you know of other ipad apps (or online apps) that are helpful for learning music, send us some info; we'd love to check it out! We're happy to test drive and review apps that our students might benefit from.

  2. And yes, we hope you and your social friends will visit our site often.