Saturday, June 23, 2018

Composition Contest 2018 Winners

One reason spring is my favorite season is because I know that all the hard work of the 3-year Let's Play Music curriculum is coming to fruition... and a huge group of students are bringing BRAND NEW music to the world!

These students (now ages 7-9) write music full of expression, creativity, and skill...and they've only been using a piano for 2 years!

Imagine where they will be in a few more years, now that they have such a strong foundation.

In 2018, over 1700 students in the US and Canada composed music with us.  We want to show you some of our favorites, as selected by our guest judge Dr. Kris Maloy (meet him here.)

Best Melody: 
By The River I go by Maya S
From the Studio of: Tina Gosney

Something special about this song is how nature and this music makes Maya feel calm. Maybe it will have that effect on you:

Best Use of Chords and BEST OVERALL: 
Picky, Picky's Day by Hunter F
From the Studio of: Melissa Lunt

Enjoy a tale of Picky, Picky the cat. When you listen to the music, you'll feel how frightening a trip to the store is... when you're a cat!

Best Use of ABA Form:
Cats and Ducks by Aliyah M
From the Studio of: Maggie Gambill

In this song you'll hear how cats feel about storm clouds!

Most Original:
Robots are Good and Bad by Pax M
From the Studio of: Celeste Stott

Pax started thinking of the theme for this song when he was 2 years old and a Sound Beginnings student! Luckily he continued with music and finally learned how to take his idea and make it into a complete song. Can you hear the good robot theme and the bad robot theme?

Best Story:
Forest Dwellers by Sarah H
From the Studio of: Jennifer Bigly

This forest story has birds singing, deer prancing, and hunters marching. Can you hear each of them? 

Honorable Mention:
Liverpool Rules by Anden S
From the Studio of: Rebecca Suelzle

This fan attests that Liverpool RULES! His music describes the players walking to the field, running/kicking/scoring, and marching off the field to the cheers of adoring fans, including at least one that is an inspired composer!

Congratulations to these kids, families, and parents AND all who have successfully composed, published, and performed their very first piano piece!

We'll be looking forward to another batch next Spring.

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