Thursday, June 5, 2014

2014 Traveling T-Shirt Contest!

*This contest has ended, but check our Facebook page for other contests and promotions!*

Share the Love!
It's summer again, and we want you to share your love of Let's Play Music with the whole world!  Wear your LPM shirt to the cool places you visit, and submit a photo to be entered.

* Post your photo onto our Facebook wall with a message telling us where you went, and who your LPM teacher is.  Did you tell anyone about Let's Play Music on your trip?

* Entry Deadline is Monday, September 1.

* One entry per STUDENT, please.  Parents can enter multiple times according to the number of students they have enrolled for 2014-15.  Students who just graduated in 2014 may also enter!

No Shirts at Home?
Don't have an LPM shirt? Don't travel much?  You can still enter by sharing the LPM love in your very own town.  Tell us your brief story about how YOU shared LPM with the world.

*Post a message to our Facebook wall or this blog with briefly telling readers how you shared Let's Play Music, and who your LPM teacher is.  It's not hard to let the world know what you love most about LPM!

Here's an example from yours truly:
At summer tennis class, another mom started chatting with me. 

Linda: "Are you signing Clementine up for the next session of tennis?"
Me: "Yes, we're all set.  How about Johnny?"
Linda: "Yep, he just loves tennis."
Me: "What about this fall- will he play sports or take music class or something?"
Linda: "We haven't planned anything yet."
Me: "Clementine's favorite after-school event is her Let's Play Music class. We just LOVE it. She'll be playing piano this year, so I'm totally excited.  Are you planning to have Johnny learn piano?"
Linda: "Well, eventually, probably. We haven't really looked into it yet."
Me: "I was kind of surprised to find out that this age is actually the key time to get started with music.  The class she is in takes advantage of how quickly 4 and 5 year olds learn ear-training, but they also learn to read music.  Our teacher is so fun."
Linda: "I should get the name of your teacher.  I bet he would like something like that."

Our friends at Easy Ear Training understand our passion for balancing all aspects of MUSICALITY in our young students.  Let's Play Music brilliantly incorporates ear training into our classes, along with note reading, sight-reading, singing, composition, music appreciation, piano skills, music theory, dictation, improvisation, and ensemble-playing.

We want to give you even more opportunities to master ear-training with your whole family, so Easy Ear Training has generously donated a GRAND PRIZE 5-book set of ear training books, (valued at $77).

Our SECOND WINNER will receive the  Ear Training Essentials e-book AND audiobook (valued at $30).

* Winners will be chosen in a random drawing from all entries.
* Be sure to enter by September 1, 2014.
* Go share your love of LPM!

-Gina Weibel, M.S.
Let's Play Music Teacher

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  1. As a teacher it is easy to promote LPM as I casually make conversation with new people at the pool, we make chit chat about each others' kids then I ask - "So, do you work or do your kids keep you mighty busy?" I find out something interesting about them and they usually respond with a - "how about you?" BOOM! "Well, I teach a music class for kids... etc..." Then if they are interested for their own kids, they will ask more! YEAH!