Friday, July 17, 2015

2015 Traveling T-Shirt Contest!

You'll have to wait until NEXT summer to enter our contest again!  Head over to our Facebook page because we have contests every month or two, with lots of fun prizes.  We love seeing you share your LPM spirit.  Go check out the winners!

It's summer and that means vacation time! Show us the fun you're having this summer and you can win FREE GAS and ROAD TRIP MUSIC to make those summer road trips even more spectacular.

How To Enter (Ends 7/31):

Take a photo this summer of you or your kids in your LPM Shirt.  If you don't have a shirt, grab a snapshot with your music book, bells, or other LPM gear.

Post your photo to YOUR facebook wall. In the description include the hashtag #LPMTshirt.  (If you are a teacher you must also include #ITeachLPM). Be sure to make the post public.

Finally, post your photo to OUR facebook wall HERE so we will be sure to find it.  You're entered!

Photo from Facebook user and LPM teacher: Kristi Ison

Check back to our facebook wall and your facebook messenger to see if you won: winners are contacted through facebook.
Winners will be chosen in a random drawing on July 31 at 6:00 AM PDT. Three additional winners will be chosen for "most beautiful" images.

3 Winners will win $50 in GAS CARDS.  No matter where you go for family fun, we are guessing you could use some free fuel to get you there on time.

10 Winners will get two musical treats. First, my family's FAVORITE Road-trip Album Ever! I just love the story 'The King, The Mice, and The Cheese' as performed by Stevesongs.  This hilarious story is acted out in musical fashion by Steve and his young  singing entourage to give you the best 45 minutes of every road trip you take.  In our family we listen to it once for every road trip without fail!  It will be delivered to you for MP3 download from Amazon.

Second, you'll receive more great road-trip music: 'Peter and the Wolf' (Prokofiev)  AND 'Carnival of the Animals' (Saint Saens).  I like this recording because it is the rare one that does NOT have the narration over or amid the music.  After telling the story (or listening to a version with narration) I like to put this on and drive in peace while the children listen carefully and imagine what is going on, without too much narrative guidance.
Take a photo and upload it to Facebook today! Also delivered via MP3.

You Can CHEAT! Here's How!
So, perhaps you have a photo of your child singing or dancing or playing an instrument...but there's no LPM T-shirt or LPM music books in the photo! Oh no!  Here's a VERY COOL way you can get LPM icons into your picture so they'll be super great for the contest.

1. On your phone or tablet, download the Rhonna Designs App:

2. Find the sticker pack of LPM icons! RD has created this pack just for us!

3. Not only will you be able to make super-cute text and images with your family photos before you put them on Facebook and Instagram, but you'll be able to make them Let's Play Music-y too!

4. Go post it for the contest.  Hurry! Time is almost up. Check out this example of a sticker added to a photo; how cute is that!?
Photo credit: Brooke Sutherland

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