Thursday, September 3, 2015

$100 For Our #LPMGrads

Hey, there Let's Play Music graduates! WHAT are you up to these days?  Perhaps the answer is...

You're busy WINNING $100!

Really, we want to know where you've gone.  Are you playing another instrument (violin? drums? trombone? piano?) or performing in musicals or singing in the local talent show or rocking with a band?!

Post a short VIDEO to Instagram, showing off your musical doings, and include the tags:  #LPMGrads and #letsplaymusic  You know those videos are VERY short. Use your phone. This will be easy.

Tell us when you graduated! Tell us who your teacher was! Tell us what you remember about your LPM days! We are super proud of you and want to show off how much you've grown up.

If your account is private, be sure to invite @ShelleSolfege to see your post so we can find you. If it's mom or dad reading this post, yes, parents can post on their accounts on the behalf of the student (but some of our grads are in their 20's already!)

Tell your friends and family to LIKE your post, and on September 30 we'll choose the 3  most-liked grads to win $100 VISA cards!

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