Monday, May 8, 2017

Share the JOY of Music!

We hope you enjoy our blog, loaded with articles about helping young children learn music and musicianship skills.

More importantly, we hope you're LOVING your experience in Let's Play Music and Sound Beginnings classes! 

Pay it Forward!

Somewhere near you there is a parent (a neighbor, a friend, a relative, a preschool parent) that could benefit from the joy of having music. Someone is out there searching for a quality program for their kids (or maybe a profession.) YOU can be their answer.

Music class has opened new doors for you in education, fun, musicality, and bonding with your child. What if, years ago, no one had taken the time to tell YOU about it?  Now is your chance to pay it forward and make sure your friends are aware of this educational gem. Don't let them miss out!

Let us help you share the joy of adding music to a child's life.  Click this button to share musical joy now:
 refer your friend

You'll be directed to tell us your name and your friends' contact info. They'll get one email from us, letting them know that you endorse Let's Play Music. 

Don't worry: We invite your loved ones to opt in for more information, or do nothing if they don't think it sounds right for them - they won't get any more messages from us.  

Raise Your Voice

Have you had a household product you LOVED? Did you tell everyone about it?  Well, I have! (Ahem, I own a RugDoctor and totally stand by it.  Also my Bosch mixer and Blendtec blender.) But anyway...

If you're like me, you want everyone to know when you find something amazing, because you find joy in helping them get the perfect resource they need.  So, THANKS for referring your friend with the button above.

There's still one more thing you can do. Raise Your Voice! We have an ongoing campaign that rewards YOU for simply giving us a video testimonial explaining what you love about Let's Play Music or Sound Beginnings, or telling us what amazing musicianship you've seen develop in your child.

Each month we feature a testimonial and give your child a cool set of headphones (and your teacher gets a little treat, too!). Just click below to jump to our entry page for Raise Your Voice!

Looking for a Class?

If you aren't in a class yet yourself, head on over to the Let's Play Music site and find a teacher near you:

Thanks for sharing the joy of music!

- Gina Weibel, M.S.
Let's Play Music teacher

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