Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Composition Contest 2017 Winners

Each year we have the glorious opportunity to hear AMAZING compositions from young students who've only been taking music classes for three years (and only been working on the piano for 2 years!) and we find them full of expression, creativity, and skill.

These compositional highlights are nothing short of FANTASTIC, but what's even more amazing... this year over 500 compositions were created by third-year Let's Play Music students across the USA! 

A tiny little army of creative, musical composer-children has just been released into the world. Happy Day! Teachers had the opportunity to send us one student's work from their studios and a panel of judges chose these favorites to share with you today:

Best Melody: 
Mermaid Tales by Chloe D
This is a story of a shark chasing mermaids!

Best Use of Chords: 
The Last at Bat by Jace C
You'll hear the pitch, a strike-out, and a big finish!

Best Use of ABA Form:
A Walk in the Forest by Carson B
In this song you'll hear 4 animals: a fast and choppy chipmunk, a happy working beaver, a low and slow moose, and a bear.

Most Original:
Rodeo Heart by Kassie C
You can hear horses' hooves in this tune. Kassie loves horses!

Best Story:
Tuki's Island by Bella B
A toucan named Tuki has lots of adventures, including this one when she's chased by a leopard and is almost eaten! Want to see if she survives? Listen to the end to find out:

Best Overall:
The Dark Wizard by Brady E
This evil wizard casts evil spells and you can hear how mysterious he is:

Congratulations to these kids AND all who have successfully composed, published, and performed their very first piano piece!

We'll be looking forward to another batch next Spring.

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