Monday, October 15, 2018

Bear Paw Creek

We have some exciting news and a GIVEAWAY for our readers!

As you've seen in all of our programs and classes, we love to bring you a superb curriculum and excellently-trained teachers. Of course, we top it all of with the addition of amazingly beautiful visuals and manipulatives.

We don't produce all of the manipulatives ourselves, so we find partners like Bear Paw Creek to bring you the best.

Bear Paw Creek

From their page: Bear Paw Creek is a company that equips teachers, therapists, and parents as they seek to enrich the lives of others through music and motion.   

We understand the importance of music and movement for developing healthy minds and bodies of all ages. Music stimulates both sides of the brain, lifts our spirits and makes tedious activities seem fun. Incorporating motion with music brings along all the excellent physical and emotional benefits of exercise, strengthening our muscles and improving coordination.  We also have a line of bags for organizing those props and instrument cases.

Since 2000 we have made the best selling Stretchy Band in various sizes. One of our most recent innovations is the Connect-a-Stretchy Band which has a buckle system that allows you use them straight, buckled into a circle, and is great for many different group sizes.  We also have a wonderful line of both ribbon and chiffon streamers, 25″ scarves, balloon balls, square, and textured bean bags.
Who's Behind Bear Paw?
With a passion to create an income from home and inspired by my sister, Kathy Schumacher, MT-BC, a traveling music therapist, we (Christopher and Janet Stephens) opened Props & Bags, Etc in January 2000. I  meshed my love of sewing with the creation of a unique line of movement props along with solutions for organizing and transporting them.  With Christopher’s innovative mind and my designing/sewing skills, we emphasized quality testing and making improvements where needed.  In 2001 we picked up our first wholesale customer, and continued to add more through the years.
As we assessed our company and set goals for the future, we changed our brand name to Bear Paw Creek in 2008.  Some things remain the same: commitment to the people who use our products, and enthusiasm for the manner in which our customers improve the lives of others. We also continue to innovate new products to serve the music and movement community.

The Prize Pack
Prize Total: $233.50
Bear Paw Creek:
Connect-a-stretchy band set of 4 $100
Bean Bag Set of 24 $40
A set of our new 24 bean bags with added colors.  
4" square bean bags: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, white, pink, grey, tan, brown
Let’s Play Music is contributing:
Teddy Bear Cd Set: 37 fun, engaging, age appropriate songs for young ones! 
Used in our Brown Teddy Bears semester of Sound Beginnings Enjoy! $13.50
Mixed Instrument Class Set: A set of 12 instruments for class use. 
Contains 2 of each of the six semesters of Sound Beginnings. 2 ankle jingles, 
2 triangles, 2 tambourines, 2 pair of finger cymbals, 2 pair of rhythm sticks, 
2 pair of maracas. $43.00
Tone Bells: Specially engraved with solfeg syllables just for Let’s Play Music! 
8 colorful removable tone bells with logo carrying case and 2 mallets $27


Winner will be drawn and announced on October 26.  

You get more entries for sharing! 

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