Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Composition Contest WINNERS 2020

Things have been upended in 2020, but one thing that remained consistent was the dedication of Let's Play Music/ Presto music teachers and students.  

Even with some hiccups and some online lessons and some distance learning, these students  embraced the opportunity to cap their class experience by composing a brand-new and very personal composition.  

I will be eager to see how these students continue to overcome circumstances and share their strength through the music they create in years to come.

This year, over 1900 third-year Let's Play Music students in the US and Canada composed music with us. 

2020 also marks the first year of the composition contest for our amazing Presto students. 

We want to show you some of our favorites, as selected by our guest judge, Dr. Karali Hunter.

PRESTO Winner: 
I Write My Own Theme Music by Shae T
From the Studio of: Jenni Trimble
Shae wrote THREE time signature changes and three tempo changes into this piece.

PRESTO Honorable Mention: 
Marigold by Mahina V
From the Studio of: Jamie Peterson

Best Melody and Honorable Mention Best Overall: 
The Flower Blooms by Danicka C
From the Studio of: Darlayne Coughlin
If you listen carefully, you can hear the sun, the rain (the minor section), and the flower blooming.

Best Use of Chords: 
Kirby's Adventure by James M
From the Studio of: Laura Varga
Kirby is fun and has unusual weapons. If you listen carefully, you'll hear a battle between the characters. See if you can hear the hammer and sword sounds, and if you can tell when the battle ends and the celebration begins.

Best Use of ABA Form, and Honorable Mention Best Melody:
Eagle Family by Holland B
From the Studio of: Kaytie Brown
You'll hear the baby hatching in this song!

Most Original and BEST OVERALL:
Nighthawk by Bethany L
From the Studio of: Maura Brewer
You can hear the owl attacking the baby birds in this adventurous piece.

Best Story:
Hoops Basketball Team by Daevon T
From the Studio of: Kathy Wells

This is his basketball team name, and this song makes him feel like a winner! You can hear dribbling, passing, shooting, missing a shot, and cheering.

Honorable Mention, Best Use of Chords:
Ode to Godzilla by Chase Q

From the Studio of: Anna Hinckley

Honorable Mention, Best Use of ABA:
Football by Marlee B
From the Studio of: Rebecca Udy

Honorable Mention, Best Use of ABA:
From the Studio of: Marnie Christensen

Honorable Mention, Most Original:
Feelings for Father by Hazel D
From the Studio of: Celeste Stott

Honorable Mention, Best Story:
Guinea Pig Dance by Elijah G
From the Studio of: Bekah Jennings

Honorable Mention, Best Story:
Robot Goes to War by Alex D
From the Studio of: Ashley Cox

Congratulations to these kids, families, and parents AND all who have successfully composed, published, and performed their very first piano piece!

Guest Judge:

Owner and founder of Hammer & Strings Conservatory, Dr. Karali Hunter is an award-winning performer and pedagogue based in Phoenix, AZ. Hunter's reputation as a dynamic, sensitive, and passionate performer has led to solo and chamber performances across the country and internationally.

Dr. Hunter made her Carnegie Hall debut performance in 2011 after winning first prize in the American Protege Piano and Strings Competition. She has won multiple contests and awards in both performance and pedagogy. An active performer, Dr. Hunter is a founding artist of the chamber music group, Salonnieres, and also performs regularly as featured soloist.

Dr. Hunter received her Bachelor's Degree from Brigham Young University, a Master of Music Degree from Indiana University, and a Doctorate Degree from Arizona State University.

Karali lives in Gilbert, Arizona, with her husband, Matthew, and two young boys, Gavin and Cyrus.

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