Friday, January 14, 2022

2022 Teaching Training Season

We are about to open up our 2022 teaching training season with a LIVE training seminar being held on Friday and Saturday, February 26 in SLC, Utah! Our all-day, in-person seminars are presented by our highly skilled training teams and are incredibly dynamic and playful. The demand for local teachers is increasing across the country. We hope to be adding 30-50 new teachers this year!  

In our training seminars, we teach the way children learn, the developmental characteristics of children, and how to best reach them. We also discuss the basic philosophies and methods of our curriculum so that teachers leave feeling empowered and educated. We demonstrate the curriculum activities, the curriculum flow, and we cover topics such as classroom management, business management, and how to promote your studio. Our training seminars are so interactive and dynamic, we hardly notice the entire day pass by. 

Even though we have online options, we highly recommend attending our full-day, in-person Curriculum Training. They're powerful, motivational, and exciting! The trainers are highly successful studio owners, excellent musicians, business mentors, and they're FUN because they are experts at reminding adults how to PLAY like children! 

Here’s what some of our past attendees have said about their experience: 

I Left Feeling Empowered
"After attending the Curriculum Training, I came away better understanding the "why" behind what we are teaching and the reasons we are using these specific philosophies and methods. This training was so empowering! I felt comfortable, I had so much fun and I’m leaving feeling excited to teach. I am relieved that I'll get more training on recruiting students. I love the feel and connection and support I got from the training team. They were fantastic!" ~Rachel Alldredge, Maple Valley, WA

Teacher Support is Unmatched
"The teacher support in this company is far, and above any other, I have experienced. The mentoring and tools available are simply unmatched. I credit much of my success to the way this company supports its teachers." ~Luann Harms, Peachtree City, GA

To be eligible to attend one of our training seminars, teachers must go through our application process to be accepted to become a teacher.  

More upcoming seminars: 

  • April 8,9 in Phoenix, AZ
  • May 6 in Chicago, IL
  • June 1,2 in SLC, UT

We also have an event coming up called “Ask a Teacher.” On Friday, February 11, we will host a live event on Instagram where we answer the top four questions about becoming a teacher: 1. How much money can you make? 2. How much time does it take? 3. What kind of space do you need to teach? 4. What equipment do I need and what is provided? Then on Friday, February 18, we host a Zoom webinar where people can join and ask any question they want about becoming a teacher. It’s a great way to figure out if becoming a teacher is a fit! 

 We are excited about our training year and can’t wait to meet these new teachers on February 26! We love showing music teachers how to make more money in less time doing what they love to do!

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