Thursday, January 13, 2022

Sneak Peek into Your Dream Job

Are you interested in becoming a teacher? Let's take a sneak peek into what it would be like if you were to join us for our February 25th Curriculum Training in Salt Lake City, Utah. Let’s start at the very beginning...

You love the idea of having a job where you create your schedule and can use your talents and skills to make a difference. You want flexible hours, a lucrative income, and a way to maximize your time. So, you choose to plug into Let's Play Music's support network and reputable "turn-key" business. After going through the application process, you know you have opted into a successful opportunity that will save you time, money and set you up to do what you love most, teach music! 
What so happens next?

Preliminary Training
After you complete the application process and are accepted to teach, you will complete the Preliminary Training online in the comfort of your home. We will teach you the business of setting up and running a successful music studio through our online training. We have a proven method or "recipe" you follow for setting up your studio, classes, and recruiting students. You have a designated support team you work with every step of the way. They can answer questions and will keep you on track. The Preliminary Training takes about four weeks to complete. Once it's complete, you'll be ready to attend the Curriculum Training. 

Curriculum Training
Even though we have online options, we highly recommend attending our full-day, in-person Curriculum Training. They're powerful, motivational, and exciting! The trainers are highly successful studio owners, excellent musicians, business mentors, and they're FUN because they are experts at reminding adults how to PLAY like children! 

We hold our training at a hotel. Once you sit down and meet the other teachers in training, the trainers will begin, and you'll be surprised how quickly you feel like one of the family because our trainers are masters at human connection, and they'll teach you to be a master too!

Shortly after training begins, you are up and at it. You'll go back and forth between the instruction area to the active area and discover how to teach musicianship skills through singing, dancing, and full-body experiences. We'll explain the piano playing dilemma and how we solve this problem by defining young children's development needs and utilizing the music learning window to teach complex music skills and ear training to the very young child. You'll eat it up! In the early evening, when training is complete, you'll have experienced most of the activities you'll be teaching that upcoming year. You will leave your newfound collaboration partners (teachers and trainers) enthused, excited, and eager to take what you've learned back to your community. 

Opportunities for Teaching 

We invite you to consider investing in teaching our exciting, age-appropriate, fun-filled curricula that will astound and delight your students and families. Our unparalleled teacher training, support, and collaboration will enrich your life and set you up to succeed! It could be a life-changing opportunity sitting at your fingertips. 

Join us for our February Training by applying to teach right away! 

What our teachers are saying about training: 

I Left Feeling Empowered

"After attending the Curriculum Training, I came away better understanding the "why" behind what we are teaching and the reasons we are using these specific philosophies and methods. This training was so empowering! I felt comfortable, I had so much fun and I’m leaving feeling excited to teach. I am relieved that I'll get more training on recruiting students. I love the feel and connection and support I got from the training team. They were fantastic!" ~Rachel Alldredge, Maple Valley, WA

Teacher Support is Unmatched

"The teacher support in this company is far, and above any other, I have experienced. The mentoring and tools available are simply unmatched. I credit much of my success to the way this company supports its teachers." ~Luann Harms, Peachtree City, GA

    Join us for our "Ask a Teacher" Event and get your specific questions answered.

Instagram Live 
Join us for the details about becoming a teacher.
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Friday, February 11th, 10:00 am MST
Zoom Webinar 
Register for the Webinar and ask real teachers about their experience.
Friday, February 18th, 10:00 am MST

We'll make it worth your time! If you attend our Ask a Teacher Webinar and decide that becoming a teacher is a good fit, we'll give you a $250 discount on the licensing fee. That's time well spent to check it out. 

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